ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Reviews Best Fitness Tracker Watch IP67 Waterproof Design

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What is ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

ActiV8 Fitness tracker is something beyond a pedometer that assists you with counting the quantity of steps you take in a day. The tracker is a presentation tracker that allows you to follow your advancement as you do up to fourteen unique kinds of activities.

The wellness tracker is intended to be usable every minute of every day. You can screen your action during the morning run, when you are at the workplace, and in any event, when you are sleeping. With so much capacities as calorie consumed computation, this gadget tracks your weight reduction routine and can lead you into making significant way of life changes towards remaining fit and bettering your wellbeing.

Having the option to follow your wellness schedules can assist you with seeing where you really want to improve and provide you with a thought of where to begin.

Alongside being a presentation tracker, the wellness tracker likewise tells you different details about your general wellbeing, similar to your pulse and how well you are dozing.

A Sleek & Pro Fitness Tracker that Goes Far Beyond the Gym


ActiV8™ Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker

Support Your Life Quality With ActiV8 Smartwatch – Activity Tracker – Performance Tracker.

ActiV8 has turned into a blockbuster all over the planet and has acquired the fame it merits. This smartwatch has every one of the highlights to monitor your wellbeing day in and day out. It will follow your present wellbeing rates like your circulatory strain and pulse. It will likewise assist you with working on your rest as it has a framework to survey your rest schedules and will likewise permit you to keep awake to-date in a hurry.

The ideal answer for keep in contact through calls, SMS, web-based media and messages from your cell phone. It will screen your wellness and wellbeing measurements in a simple to utilize way. You don’t need to stress over conveying a mechanical assembly for BP estimating as ActiV8 will do everything for you. You can depend on this smartwatch for large numbers of your necessities. The simple to utilize APP is amicable for seniors and accessible on both android and iOS.

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How would I interface my wellness tracker to my application?

On the Activate your gadget screen of your versatile application tap Band. Your Android gadget shows Searching. Whenever the name of your band shows up, tap on it. Whenever the name of your wellness tracker shows up in the rundown on the Searching screen, tap on it and acknowledge the solicitation to match.

A Sleek & Pro Fitness Tracker that Goes Far Beyond the Gym

What would it be a good idea for you to search for in a Fitness Tracker?

There are different things s you should search for in wellness following Smartwatch.The right wellness tracker for you is the one that gives you a lot of activities to follow while being sturdy and dependable. You additionally need something superior grade without costing you the cost of another Smartphone.

 1.Battery Duration

Battery Duration

The existence of your battery will move your watch along for a really long time. You really want to observe a wellness watch that will release you numerous days without charging in light of the fact that occasionally, you simply lack opportunity and energy to pause and charge the watch. The battery ought to be not difficult to charge when you really do observe that the right wellness watch and be quick charging so you can return to your everyday existence and exercises.


Water Resistance

Waterproof wellness watches are not a prerequisite except if you need to follow your swimming exercises. Those IP69 or above wellness watches are costly and, while worth the value, you can get a similar usefulness from a watch appraised IP67 or more.


  • Complex Design – physical, ticking watch hands meet a gem touchscreen and an attentive showcase
  • By utilizing this watch you can dispose of any undesirable circumstance like an unexpected coronary episode.
  • Simply shake the wrist band and it will snap your photo soon.
  • An underlying sensor assists with following your resting profundity.
  • Watchful Display – the secret showcase is just noticeable when you need it to be the point at which you’re not utilizing it, it vanishes into the gadget
  • Raise Wrist Heart-Rate – screen pulse at the wrist every minute of every day, giving you the opportunity to work out with no extra pulse lash required and health checking
  • Show size : 0.38″ x 0.76″ (9.6 mm x 19.2 mm)
  • Wellness Monitoring – improve knowledge into your current fitness level utilizing vo2 max and fitness age

Savvy Notifications: See approaching email, instant messages, call cautions, schedule updates and more from your viable cell phone

Sound Prompts: Receive sound prompts from your associated cell phone that incorporate laps and lap times, Battery: Rechargeable lithium-particle

Movement Tracking – shows steps, calories, distance, pulse and force minutes

A Sleek & Pro Fitness Tracker that Goes Far Beyond the Gym


The gadget gives a precious stone and watchful showcase. At the point when you really want to utilize it will give you a perfectly clear presentation. Yet, when there is no need of utilizing it, the gadget show will naturally stow away. The all out show size of the screen is 0.38″x0.76″.


ActiV8 tracker has a modern plan. It might resemble a customary smartwatch yet the offices of this gadget are extraordinary. This small however brilliant looking gadget is truly incredible assistance.


Indeed, I want to believe that you would have as of now found your solution with the elements and advantages. this is an astonishing item for all wellbeing cognizant individuals.

This watch comes stacked with highlights to assist with rousing you to be more dynamic, track your calories and log your rest designs.

With a computerized watch, you bamboozle the two universes – shrewd, refined shape and best in class innovation

A Sleek & Pro Fitness Tracker that Goes Far Beyond the Gym


A many individuals from across the world are as of now utilizing this item, and going by the surveys and tributes accessible on the web, clients are thinking that it is an astonishing item. According to one blissful client, “This is a particularly astounding item. It has improved my exercises. I suggest it!” Another client remarks, “I haven’t generally disapproved of this wellness tracker.



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