Privacy Policy

Privacy Of Customers

The privacy of customers really matters the most. It is the main duty of company to kept the data safe. All your data will be safe with us and will be kept in proper supervision. No 3rd party can see your information with our permission. Our website is totally certified with the SSL certificate which mainly indicates that your data will not going anywhere. You will surely enjoy the time which you spend on this website.

We mainly collects the basic information of our customers to understand the taste of them. The data which are collect are as follows: –

  • Name 
  • Gender
  • Age 
  • Contact information
  • Address 

These are some of the basic information which we kept with us while you sign up with the website. The main focus of our company is to understand the taste of customers so that we can arrange the best health supplement for themselves. One can deliver his feedbacks as well, this will help us out in improving the brand quality of products. Your data will not going be leak anywhere. Feel free to share all your feedbacks with us. 

Money Refund Policy

Money is the precious thing for livelihood. It mainly helps the person to counter the financial issues of life. we know that your precious to you. If you feel any kind of misleads with the supplements that you purchase, then you can easily ask for the refund. We will refund all your money with 30 working days. There are some terms and conditions which you need to follow to get your money refund.

  • You need to make the purchase from the online websites only to claim  your money refund. If you purchase the supplement from any offline market then we are not responsible for that.
  • There should not be any kind of physical damage on the product. Damaged products will not be returned for sure. 
  • You need to ask for the money between the period of 30-day purchase. We only refund the money, if you made the purchase within the month.

These are few terms and conditions which you need to follow to get your money back. No need to do anything extra. If all these conditions will be fulfilled accordingly then we will redirect you to company portal from where you can ask your refund.